My Work Story

I am a product-centric entrepreneur.  I love creating great things with great people.

Here’s some cool things I’ve done:

In 2011 while still in college, I made my first leap into Entrepreneurship with GamerAdvice, a video game blog.  At it’s peak from June-August 2011, GamerAdvice averaged 100k pageviews a month.  Unfortunately not much exists from the site, but you can see some of the articles written my me and my little team I gathered on the wayback machine.

In 2012, I taught myself to make Android and iPhone apps.  My first fun project was a concept I made at 3 Day Startup with a team in New Orleans. For the next six months I would go on to develop many small projects with cool people that gave me a great foundation for software entrepreneurship.

Mid 2012 through December 2013, I joined a small team of founders to work on a social startup as the Product Manager, then CTO later.  We developed Memorandom & later Syft. I learned a lot about measuring feedback and learning to “fail fast”.


In early 2014, I worked with a team in Nola’s tourism hackathon, Destination Hackathon. My team and I won 2nd place in the competition, but had the most media exposure. Here’s an article about the hackathon where my team and app (Touracle) were mentioned.  You can find a video where Touracle is mentioned on Fox Business here.

Here’s my app Valt I made in early 2014.  It was a financial flop but I’m still proud of the product design involved.  It was a passsword manager app.


In 2014, I made GifShare, which has since been downloaded over 450,000 times and was founded on lean startup principles. It provided me with enough income to live off till I decided I wanted to diversify my income streams.  The app can be found here.

I wrote a post about finding success with GifShare on the Fastlane Forum, the most popular forum on the web for entrepreneurship.  It’s currently the forum’s most popular and well received piece on App Store Entrepreneurship.

I later developed GifShare HD which serves as a great example of my product design abilities.  I worked with several designers & popular Instagram users to create a big launch for it.  It’s for power users of GifShare.

Oh, and I made the Moat app for iPhone for the Moat founders.  Moat is the best Ad Search engine in existence.

I’m currently looking for work.  I love teaching, consulting, starting companies,  and working on cool projects with cool people.  I can both write good software and effectively manage creatives.  Don’t hesitate to reach out: